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Fresh or dry Morels.

Dry Morels.  $500 per pound.

Fresh Morels. $50 per pound.

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<3 February to December, the perfect time to make morel beds <3

As been known, February to December is the perfect time of the year for one to make the first morel beds.

The appropriate temperatures of the months as long as the air humidity, will encourage the spawn to grow comfortably under the right conditions.

Also, that specific months lets enough time for more sclerotia (fundamental to fruiting) formation, before the hard winter cold show up.

Depending the area temperatures, one can either start making the beds before winter or after, but its always preferable to choose giving more time to the hyphes of the fungi to grow, and occupy more -if not all- of the available area that the cultivator disposes for that purpose.That of course automatically means more fruiting.

The earlier is always the better , but one should keep an eye also to the high temperatures as well as arid climates.

One can even grow morels in a pot on a balcony, as long as the right conditions establish from the moment the spawn is been put, till the moment of fruiting. Fortunately for morel lovers and for morels themselves, nature is taking care of that part, and mycelium keeps growing perfectly by it!!

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